Friday, March 7, 2008


Hi, my name is Michelle Butterworth, I run an IT company in South Africa focussing on HP's products and solutions. We are also a reseller for e-learning products. We have recently started a social development project entitled We are currently coding locally produced TV broadcasting high school material (Grade 10 - 12) into e-learning from

We are essentially trying to provide access to the entire school curriculum free for all in South Africa who have access to the web. Through the use of collborative social tools we believe we could address the current education crisis in South Africa. Out of 547 000 matrics in 2007, 200 000 failed. The figures are alarming and the situation worsening. This is a privately funded project by myself, I will be running a corporate LMS though (not open source) from primarily from support and maintenance perspective, but am currently looking for funding to expand the site to incorporate all the necessary open source tools and resources required to ensure success of the project.

I have enrolled in this course to ensure that my team follows the correct course of action and to explore the visions and experience of my fellow students in this course.

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