Saturday, March 8, 2008

Open education projects online commentary

All the initiatives were very insightful, each site focussed on a different 'type' or 'method' of learning. The resources in each of them are excellent. However, none of the sites offered a tracking and monitoring facility, not sure if this would be a requirement for these types of projects.


Overall: My favourite, well structured, excellent tools

Really liked compendium and cohere software for knowledge and idea mapping, excellent methods for studying and organising vast amounts of information, you can view other's 'maps' to get a good idea of their research methodologies etc

Flash meeting was also great, multiple people are videoconferenced together where live chat also takes place

Flashvlog - I also enjoyed, allows for greater interactivity than normal blogs and you can save or copy the objects to form part of other learning materials

I think that the site should use its own tools ie compendium to showcase the courses and how they are linked though


Overall: Average

I had a few problems creating an account, the links kept saying my username does not match and that I need to check the email link - which was fine

I liked the control of content by using lenses, I think this is an excellent way of ensuring content is correct, the different lenses are: endorsement, affiliation etc

I also liked that course material is grouped in chunks or collections and you can choose between them

Also found the ranking of material according to popularity useful

The collections were a bit of a pain, you end up opening 6 or more websites to learn

There is a workspace area to collect all your selections but did not see any tracking or monitoring?

Enjoyed the video, and the analogy drawn to music, what I found interesting was the part about publishing books on demand from open source resources

Overall: Above Average

I liked the grouping of course materials in video clips, practice problem, exam questions and lecture notes

Excellent course material and good indexing

No login though, so there is no personalisation

You can download the entire course which is good and includes a syllabus, calender, readings, lecture notes and assignments

I found the pdf's to be a bit difficult though and bland

Overall: Average

I liked that you can select a subject and then a target ie Grade 9 and then you can select the type of media and language

Loads of tools and methods for learning via (links )

Liked the browser tool and community area

Overall: Excellent

Always loved wikiversity , it is by far the easiest, no frills website to use

Resource links further reading etc are always excellent

Also enjoy wikibooks immensely, which is similar to books 24*7


Erkan Yilmaz said...

Hello Michelle,

>However, none of the sites offered a tracking and monitoring facility,
Wikiversity offers such an option: every page has a "watch" button. After clicking it you can see then edits on the watched pages when you click on "my watchlist"

Is this what you had in mind ?


Michelle Butterworth said...

Hi Erkan,

Thanks for your great comments, I was thinking more in terms of a learner management system where the system tracks your progress on a particular course and your test scores....

Erkan Yilmaz said...

Thanks for the good idea. I am not sure if there is something like this already in a dark, not yet explored corner of Wikiversity, so I added it for now at Wikiversity:Technical needs.

If you have more ideas: bomb us please


Isä said...

Hi Michelle.

Good points. I think, however, that all the different sites have a different purpose and comparing or putting them on a same scale is a bit like comparing apples and mushrooms :-).

Learning Space is a service of the Open University and the OU offers online distance courses. Connexion and MIT are primary repositories of learning materials for university studies. LeMill is service for primary and secondary teachers and Wikiversity is the (radical) open and free open learning environment. Non of them is learning management system.

Still, I agree with all your observations. - Teemu